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Plant Showcase

Plant Showcase


Echinocereus Pentalophus

Also Known as Lady Finger cactus, Dog Tail, Alicoche

2Echinocereus Pentalophus 2

Cultivation:  This cactus is widely cultivated for its flowers, it is one of the easiest species to grow, flower and propagate. It loves being in full sunshine, so a bright window sill or conservatory is ideal.  Water & feed  regularly from March to October, them none until the following spring. Rot prone in winter, it needs very good drainage,  It should be kept in a cool place during winter rest (it can briefly tolerate temp. as low as -7°C).  Without this cool winter period these plants normally won't get many buds. Cascading from a hanging basket, or clustering in a large pot on the side. The stems may possibly become purple and limp in winter & look like they are dead but will  revitalize in the spring.

Propagation: Seeds or cutting

Description:  In age it forms clumps of up to 20 × 100 cm,  it is very pretty when in flower & can dominate  a display when mixed with other types of cacti.
Stems: Erect or prostrate, branched above ground, reddish-purple to dark or yellowish-green.The stems can be quite weak so care in handling them is advised
Ribs: 4 to 6, with low tubercles;
Central spines: 0 or 1 central spine;
Radial spines: 4 or 7, short, brown, yellowish, tan or ashy white, usually very stiff and straight.
Flowers: Huge, up to 12 cm long lilac, brilliant pink or magenta with a distinct white throat can almost hide the plant, blossoms from early June to end of July with us
Fruiting: 3-4 months after flowering. Fruits are green with white pulp.

3Echinocereus Pentalophus 3